CU Speaks! - Katie Blakeman on Criminal Record Clearance Efforts in the State of Illinois

Champaign County Circuit Clerk Katie Blakeman discusses criminal records clearance efforts in the State of Illinois. Circuit Clerk Katie Blakeman is quickly becoming a statewide expert on the subject of expungement, sealing, and other forms of criminal record relief in the State of Illinois. In her role as Circuit Clerk, she hosts an annual Expungement and Record Sealing Summit, which provides free legal assistance to participants seeking to clear their records to improve employment and housing prospects. The success of this local event has lead to expanded efforts throughout Illinois. Katie speaks about specific efforts in Champaign County, but also discusses legislative changes that have greatly expanded eligibility. She also discusses expected changes following the legalization of adult recreational use of Cannabis. CU Speaks is a series of talks that focus on national topics. We aim to explore national topics from a local lens for the purpose of inspiring community building in Champaign-Urbana. We believe understanding, encouragem

ent, and conversation are essential elements for a diverse and flourishing community. CU Speaks invites leaders, experts, and researchers to deliver 30 minute insightful talks on a variety of national issues in order to spark awareness and shed light on trends that impact our daily lives. Each presentation is followed by a 30 minute Q&A session with the audience. CU Speaks welcomes you to join the conversation. Visit for more information.

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