Blakeman Wins News-Gazette Endorsement


Circuit clerk

The race for the post of circuit clerk, which handles records for the courts, poses a happy dilemma for voters.

In our view, both Republican Katie Blakeman and Democrat Barbara Wysocki are impressive. The News-Gazette endorses Blakeman because her background and education in information management services makes her better suited to the document-heavy office.

Blakeman, who has worked at the University of Illinois and in the private sector, and Wysocki, a retired University High School teacher and former county board chairwoman, share similar views about the challenges facing the office. Each candidate said it will be important to hire a deputy clerk to help manage the office, lay the groundwork for the electronic filing of court documents, establish harmonious relations with office employees and continue to pursue technological innovations that will make it easier to keep track of court records.

Wysocki said her background as a teacher and member of the county board proves she is "someone (people) know and trust." Because she is younger than Wysocki, Blakeman has a less extensive track record, but, in our view, is better prepared to do the job.

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