Pot legislation impacting the court system

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- The new law decriminalizing marijuana in Illinois is causing some problems in the courts. Police say the law won't have much affect on the way they do their jobs. The Champaign County Circuit Clerk says it's a different story after they issue the ticket. Those cases will now fall under a case type called civil law. That category didn't exist in Illinois before this bill was signed. Circuit clerk Katie Blakeman says her concerns are procedural, not philosophical. She says the law creates problems for the courts, and contradicts itself in some areas.... read the full story

Jim Dey: New pot law a big bummer for courts

The poor, pathetic, militantly ignorant wretches in the Legislature — bless their hearts — have struck again. Under the guise of trying to solve one problem — decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana — they wrote SB 2228 so sloppily that it creates the same problems they were purportedly trying to correct. They sought to lighten the load on the court system by trying to mimic fine-only municipal ordinance violations or speeding citations — yet the new law requires a cumbersome court process. They wanted to reduce fines, setting a range of $100 to $200. Yet their refusal to set a specific amount, like those imposed for speeding tickets, requires a judicial decision on the

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