The Office of the Circuit Clerk


The Circuit Clerk's Office has two primary areas of responsibility: Managing the integrity, preservation, and accessibility of the Circuit Court records, and collection and disbursement of all court-related fines and fees.  The Office acts as the interface between the judicial system and the public.  It is the Clerk's job to make the public records of the courts available to the participants in the court system in a timely manner.  It is also the Clerk's job to make these records available to other interested parties, such as historians, genealogists, employers, landlords and anyone else who would seek access.

Office Statistics

  • 24 different types of court cases that cross the Clerks desk.  These include traffic tickets, divorces, felonies, adoptions and wills among many others.

  • Each year more than 30,000 court cases are filed in the office and over a half-million legal documents processed.

  • The office delivers, on average, 155 court files to our 11 courtrooms each day.

  • The office is responsible for over $10 million a year in fees, and revenue for the county, villages, townships and other local governments.  

  • We assist between 300-600 customers daily by phone, and 500-2000 customers in person.