My Promise to Champaign County

As the Circuit Clerk of Champaign County my priorities are . . . 

It is critical that access to public records remain free and open to all residents. I am committed to providing increased access to public information through our website and in person. As an expert in information technology, I am passionate about making these improvements that will improve access for all citizens who seek our services.



The judicial system in the State of Illinois is rapidly evolving – I want to make sure that Champaign County is a leader in the electronic services our customers need and deserve. Following Illinois Supreme Court approval, we look forward to implementing electronic filing, electronic citations, and other e-business projects. 

Customer Service


The Circuit Clerk's office is the front desk of the judicial system. As your Circuit Clerk, my job is to serve you. And this means being available and accessible. So, don’t be surprised if I greet you at the front desk! Having direct weekly interaction with our customers helps to give me a better understanding of how I can improve the efficiency of our service to the public.